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How Customer Support Automation Works

First, the ability to organize help requests automatically comes down to knowing what already works best for you and marrying that to a system that puts what’s working on autopilot. Unfortunately, that same level of concern is rarely shown to existing customers. Live streaming service, PICARTO, takes a similar approach via email. Sign up for […]

Chatbots For Financial Services

More information about the processing of personal data, including your rights, can be found in Information Clause and in our Privacy Policy. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create automated workflows, combine data from multiple distributed sources and integrate the most commonly used company tools. When we want to check in with a friend or […]

10 Ways Customer Service Automation Works Today

AI allows you to provide your agents with the resources that they need to be successful, therefore decreasing turnover. A platform like Watson as it comes pre-programmed with industry and domain knowledge. Automation can deliver a level of responsiveness that isn’t humanly possible. In the future, virtual assistants will be able to predict what your […]